Episode 6

Published on:

22nd May 2024

From Arkansas Coding Academy to VP of Technology: Zach Little's Tech Journey

In today's episode, we have an inspiring guest whose journey from student to tech leader is a testament to the power of ambition and education. We are excited to have Zach Little, VP of Technology at Metova, join us.

Zach shares his story, starting from his days at the Arkansas Coding Academy to overseeing technology and innovation at Metova. Learn about his current role, the challenges he faced, and the passion for learning that continues to drive his success.

📌 Episode Highlights:

- Zach's responsibilities at Metova, including project sizing and scoping

- His early interest in technology and the pivotal moment that led him to the Arkansas Coding Academy

- Key lessons and the impact of the Academy on his career

- The journey from student to VP, including the importance of soft skills and client communication

Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated with the latest from Metova. Thank you for tuning in, and special thanks to Zach for sharing his journey with us. See you in the next episode!

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